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Tips for Making Old Furniture Look like New

When I got married, my mother passed a family heirloom onto me that was a piece of old, wooden furniture that had been in the family for generations. Since it was showing its age, I decided to see if I could learn how to restore it. Before I worked on it, I decided to practice on a few furniture pieces I grabbed at a second-hand store. I soon learned that restoring old furniture was more difficult than I expected, but I also learned how much I love to do it! I soon fell in love with my new hobby and am always working on a new piece. I know there are people out there who want to learn how to restore furniture, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips and tricks for learning a new hobby. I hope I can help you learn your new craft!

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Everything You Need To Know About Woodpecker Pest Control

Having a woodpecker living in your yard can be annoying. They may constantly peck and drill away at trees, causing noise while you are trying to sleep. This behavior can also be harmful to your trees, and in some cases, the birds may even move over to your home and try to peck away at it, causing damage. If you are dealing with one or more woodpeckers, here is some information you should know about woodpecker pest control. 

Alternatives to Getting Rid of the Woodpecker

The reason why you may not want a woodpecker on your property is because the sound of it pecking is loud and annoying. But, instead of getting rid of the woodpecker, you can help to minimize its need to peck. Woodpeckers peck away at trees for two reasons. First, they are trying to drill out a hole for a home. Secondly, they are trying to get insects to eat. If you place a birdhouse and food out, you take away their need to drill or peck trees, thus reducing the amount of noise they make. This can allow you to both live peacefully together. 

How to Scare the Woodpecker Away

Woodpeckers are skittish birds. As such, there are many ways that you can go about scaring a woodpecker away. This includes using a wind chime or a bird alarm, both of which make sounds that the birds don't like. Woodpeckers also do not like reflective material. Hanging reflective tape strips or old cds that blow around in the wind can create a reflective glare that deters them away. Lastly, fluttering noises may deter woodpeckers. Hanging flags, windsocks, or pinwheels creates movement that scares these birds away. 

When to Call in a Pest Control Company

If you have attempted to scare a woodpecker away without any success, or if a woodpecker has created a nest in your home, you will want to call in a pest control company. They can offer offer other solutions to deterring woodpeckers and properly remove them if they are actually nesting inside of your home. They can also help determine how the bird entered your home and seal off any holes, to help ensure the problem does not occur in the future. 

Listening to a woodpecker peck wood all day can drive you mad. Fortunately, there are many different ways you can deal with the problem. You can set up a home and food for the woodpecker so they don't have to drill, you can naturally scare the bird away, or you can call in a professional to handle the problem for you. Regardless of what you do, do keep in mind that woodpeckers are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, so you cannot do anything that would harm or poison the animal. If you are dealing with a woodpecker and do not know how to proceed, play it safe and call in a professional to help you. Companies like Decorative Foam and Stone can help.